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How To Deal With Job Rejection

Recognize that you’re not alone!

Submitting a job vacancy, especially for a job you’re interested in, consumes a lot of effort, patience, and courage. But what if you get a call or an email from the company you thought you’ve cleared a stage? But you discover that the employer has chosen to pursue other candidates. Recognize that you’re not alone and try these measures to overcome rejection.

Contextualizing Your Rejection

Most successful people have experienced disappointment

When you don’t get the job, you wanted, it’s natural to feel humiliated and even disheartened.

Most successful people have experienced disappointment, and it is a strength to remember that it is very seldom an indication of you, your skills, or your previous experience. There are numerous other reasons why the organization might have taken a different path. This unfortunate event may be preparing you for a stronger chance in the future.

Obtaining Feedback

Solicit constructive criticism and ideas for improving

If you are not chosen for the position, contact the hiring manager to learn more about their decision. Of course, there’s a correct and incorrect ways to do this, so review our template before sending it.

If you don’t feel comfortable seeking advice from the hiring manager, have a friend or trusted colleague review your resume and cover letter before applying for a new position, and, of course, set aside some time to practice common interview questions.

This allows you to solicit constructive criticism and ideas for improving your materials and go-to responses to common interview questions.

Raising Your Self-esteem

Critical that you reconnect with the inner you

It is critical that you reconnect with the inner you who was self-assured enough to apply for the position in the first place; that individual continues to remain alive and well! Just because you have a temporary bump does not imply your positive attributes have vanished.

When you don’t get a job, especially if you can’t explain why you might start to wonder if you’re good enough. To combat these thoughts, keep an ongoing list of your great traits by jotting them down or mentally replaying past achievements. Consider periods when you felt strong and try to express stuff about yourself that make you proud.

You’ve succeeded in the past, so realistically, you’ll succeed again.

Making Changes To Keep Moving

Combating Adversity helps Build Resilience

Remember that setback is a normal part of the journey to success. Combating adversity helps build resilience, which is a valuable skill to cultivate and will propel you forward in your career.

Above all, keep in mind that you are not alone. Before hearing a “yes,” the average job seeker is turned down 24 times. So, even if you do everything correctly, you may still encounter unfortunate situations.

Even if receiving that phone call or email does not become easier emotionally, you will find that with practice, you will experience more prepared to react the next time you discover yourself wondering, “I didn’t get the job… now what?”

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